• Word count: 1500 words excluding references
  • Course name: Social Inequality
  • Citation style: APA
  • Number of sources: 5
  • Project Title/Topic:


Paper details/Instructions:

Dear Writer,

Students are asked to reflect on their course learning by choosing one of the following learning opportunities and writing a 5-page reflection on the experience and how their course learning helped interpret the experience. A rubric will be posted below for your information.



Attend a public committee meeting.

I have provided videos of two meetings down bellow. You can pick one.

The City of London (Ontario, Canada) hosts monthly Diversity and Inclusion Committee and Accessibility Advisory Committee meetings. In addition, it hosts regular council meetings, housing committee meetings, etc… You can locate these meeting times and agendas here: Attend one of these public information meetings, listen closely to the discussion and reflect on the experience using your course readings. What was discussed? How did social inequality manifest itself during the meeting? Who was speaking most? Whose voices were considered expert? How did this meeting connect with course themes and readings? What did you learn and what was the experience like?

More info,Who is leading this event/protest?

What element(s) of social inequality are being discussed here and how are they being discussed?

Who is leading the event?

Whose voice is centered in the discussion/meeting/protest?

Ideas of meetings/events/protests

Please at least cite two readings which I gave to you. For the rest two citations, you can use other academic sources or still quote from those reading articles.

Here are two links about the committee, chose one you prefer



Please use simple English and deliberately keep some grammar and word choice mistake in the paper.


  1. You need to complete this task in strict accordance with the detailed Requirements/Guidelines.
  2. Must be original works, to prohibit any copying or plagiarism.
  3. If you have any question on this task, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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