Courbet and Realism

1.Read the text written by Gustave Courbet (PDF version in Module 1). Reading-note taking should take 10-15 minutes.

2.Find the following in Courbets text (takes notes, type/write them down):

-what he states as his aims,

-what he understands as realism,

-what he thinks about beauty.

3.Search in the internet one of Gustav Courbets paintings that might interest you (or just catch your attention), besides those seen in class.

4. Look at the artwork’s visual qualities and take notes describing them briefly using some of the vocabulary terms and concepts learned in class (for example, you can refer to genre/subject matter, spatial depth, modeling, chiaroscuro, composition, naturalism).

State in the discussion board (no more than 500 words/2 paragraphs; no less than six (6) sentences) how you think Courbet accomplished his stated aims in one artwork (should be an artwork by Courbet different from those seen in class). Support your discussion with the visual analysis you did. Respond to one other student.

Dont forget to upload the image and in your text name the title along with the date in parenthesis (example: The Cellist (self-portrait), 1847), so that others know what you are referring to.

Example: In the painting The Cellist, 1847, Courbet was able to … by ….

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