Concert Report

* Attend a virtual concert (during this semester) and report on it.
* Concert Report is due May 21, but may be submitted earlier.
* You must include proof of your attendance, such as a scan or photo of a ticket stub, a flyer, a program, or yourself at the concert. You can embed your proof in your paper, or send it to me attached to a Canvas message with the subject line: Concert Proof.

Your concert should be a live concert, not background music, video or TV. Any genre, including musical theater productions, is acceptable. Note your impressions about what you heard and saw and relate it to work we have done in class if possible.

*In your written response, first give the date, location, and time of the event, and the performer or group you saw. Then consider the following:

* General responses to the performance and to the work itself. What type of concert was it and what was the general style of the music? Were there any cultural implications related to our work in class? You liked it or didn’t like it. Why? Include strong and weak points in the music and in the way it was performed.
* Responses to the performances in the concert. What was good or bad and what made it so? Be specific. If it was a group concert, how did the performers work as an ensemble?
* What kinds of themes, messages or ideas came across to you in the concert? What did the experience cause you to think about or feel?
* Comment on the visual impact of the concert: setting, lights, concert dress, movement. How did these add to or detract from the mood and power of the music? What did you notice about audience behavior?


A 50 point paper will include responses to the points above and will be written in correct English with correct spelling. It will be about one page in length. Proof of attendance will be included, and the date, place and time of the concert will be specified. The concert will have occurred during this semester, not earlier.

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