Compose a 3750 words assignment on minority women: body image, eating disorders, and media influence. Needs to be plagiarism free! Such sections of minority are not always decided upon by their numbers. Women, although represent about half of the population across the globe, yet they are considered as a group of minority (Minority Groups, n.d.). Among the minority women groups present in the worlds, the African-African women, the black women, the Hispanic women are the most common groups that are considered as minors in the society and are treated similarly. Minority women across the globe are sufferers of several violence and torture and killings that are disproportionate as treatments reflected from the society as a whole. Countries including the United States, Sri Lanka, China, Kenya, Turkey, Israel, all present minority women in their societies who do not receive the respect of being humans (Minority and indigenous women deliberately targeted for sexual and other violence, says MRG on International Women’s Day, 2007).

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