Compose a 2000 words assignment on kidnapping in africa and control. Needs to be plagiarism free! On the other hand, in the Niger Delta, schoolchildren are also victims of kidnapping. Noting that Nigeria will soon have its elections, it is an indication that with the rise of criminal acts and insecurity there is a possibility that the elections will fail to be free and fare. In the recent years, the state of Abia has had a plague of kidnapping, acts of hijacking and robbery. The only way that Nigerian government has been doing to ensure that such cases are curbed is by negotiating with the kidnappers to get back the victims and also the security forces have been involved in putting up new strategies to conquer the pervasive issue of kidnapping. In addition, the police forces are being trained to enhance their knowledge and skills to decisively deal with the kidnappers across Nigeria.The governments have a tendency of blaming the pervasive kidnapping wave away from the Niger Delta as a result of the increasing rates of unemployment across the country.

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