Compose a 1750 words assignment on the goals of my field site placement. Needs to be plagiarism free! Being part of the Regional Food Bank, our purpose is to work as a team in order to strengthen our network. This is undertaken by ensuring that the people in need of food can easily access the food banks, share the available food resources as well as influencing public policy. Additionally, our goal is to create a strong relationship with other members of the community to end hunger in the city of Utah.

The mission of the placement was to enhance the exposure of my social skills that are focused on improving the quality of life of other members of the community. Additionally, the objective of the placement was to put into practice the social skills and policies as well as theories that I have learned in my course work. Through engagement with various organizations that embarks on making differences among the members of the Utah community, the placement aimed at learning on the various duties undertaken by regional food banks in Utah (Popple et al, 2008). In this way, the placement positively enhanced my skills to undertake my future responsibilities in community development and management of public resources. A significant goal of the placement was to expose me to various aspects of social work that are fundamental for the social and economic development of any society.

During my volunteer placement for 20 hours, I was sorting and labeling the food donations on the warehouse. Even though it was a challenging task based on the high number of recipients who were waiting to be served by the Utah Community Action, I was motivated by strong teamwork under the leadership of Paul Leggett, the CAP Utah executive director (Community Action Services and Food Bank, 2012). Besides the labeling and sorting out the food donations, I was able to interact with other employees, who included the quality assurance team, drivers and the engineers.&nbsp.

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