Compose a 1500 words assignment on the violation of human rights. Needs to be plagiarism free! Speaking about those countries where a woman doesn’t have any rights it is necessary to point out that the situation hasn’t almost changed since the last century. A man can do everything to his wife, even to kill her, while having no punishment for this.

The next issue concerns the female organizations that try to fight for their rights. There are many such organizations in the world, mind you, that most of them are situated in those countries with the lowest level of domestic violence. In Muslim countries, only a few organizations managed to survive in the tough world of male dominance. These organizations strive for introducing laws that will to some extent protect the victims of domestic violence. These laws are to set stricter punishments for those in crime. “Most legal and community-based interveners now received at least some training on the dynamics of domestic violence, many agencies had protocols in place for responding to cases involving battering, and general community awareness increased exponentially during the course of three decades” (Erwin, 2006).

And the third issue refers to the spreading of these ideas around the world. It is without a doubt that the initiator of these reforms is the USA. Here the democratic society found forces to fight social inequality. The main argument of these reforms is that women who are the most often victims of domesticс violence cannot protect themselves because they are physically weaker. That is why it is necessary to introduce the reforms that will avert such acts of violence. This can be done only through stricter punishment. “The generalized understanding of domestic violence in the United States focuses on a more individualistic understanding related to either the power and control of a batterer over a victim or a pseudotherapeutic model that speaks of phases of violent episodes and the learned helplessness of battered women” (Erwin, 2006).

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