Compose a 1500 words assignment on effective communication in improving assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of patients. Needs to be plagiarism free! I also found out that as a nurse, it is best for me to be the one to initiate an introduction with the patient. I started off conversations by introducing myself to the patients with a handshake and a smile. This immediately made the patients relax and feel at ease (Young, 2009).

Starting off the conversation with small talk also helped ease the communication process (Fernandez, 2010). After shaking hands with the patients, I made a casual remark about the weather. Most of the time, they easily responded to that. they also made negative or positive remarks about the weather. One time, I walked into a patient’s room while the patient was watching a basketball game on TV and we then started talking about the game and our favourite teams. Pretty soon, I gradually slipped into more serious questions about the patient’s symptoms and health issues. The conversation and communication process was warm and easy as a result of the ‘casual’ periods of conversation.

I also found out that by using the patients’ names helps establish a more personal link between the health professional and the patients (Schottke, 2007). I found that whenever I used the name of the patient in the conversation, the patient was more responsive and easy to talk with. One patient even expressed that being called by his name made him feel more than just another sick person, it made him feel like the doctors and other health professionals cared about him and what happened to him.

I also found out that by using courtesy words like “Please” or “Thank you” or “I’m sorry” also helped to build a trusting relationship with the patient (Field, 2007). I also made a courtesy knock before entering the patient’s room. I found that this made my visit less intrusive to their privacy. It made them feel respected (Bellamy, n.d). And when they felt respected they were more eager to cooperate with the care process and medical interventions.&nbsp.It made them less difficult to deal with and it made them more active in their personal recovery.&nbsp.

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