Complete 4 pages APA formatted article: Annotated Bibliograpgy. (2007)] 7. Healing Emotional and Psychological Trauma [Help Guide (2008)] 8. Strategies to prevent injury [Abernethy L. &amp. Bleakley C. (2007)] 9. Future trends in treatment of sport injuries [Niams.nih (2009)] 10. Conclusion Annotated Bibliography 1. Smith, R.E., Smoll1, F.L. Ptacek1, J. T. (1989). Conjunctive Moderator Variables in Vulnerability and Resiliency Research: Life Stress, Social Support and Coping Skills, and Adolescent Sport Injuries. University of Washington. This source focuses on demonstrating the conjunctive impacts of two psychological factors. psychological coping skills and social support. The source gives a overview of the number of injuries that occur among athletes in the US. The injuries are mainly caused by biomechanical and physical factors and to some level by psychosocial factors. Referring to studies conducted in the past, the authors state that some moderator variables may affect the relationship that exists between vulnerability to injury and life events. The source advocates teaching athletes psychological coping skills and increasing social support with an aim of increasing their resiliency. 2. Birrer,&nbsp.D.,&nbsp.Horvath,&nbsp.S., Meyer,&nbsp.S.,&nbsp.Moesch,&nbsp.K.,&nbsp.&amp.&nbsp.Seiler,&nbsp.R. (2007).


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