Complete 12 pages APA formatted article: The Impact of New Technologies on the Real World. Thrift notes that non-representational theory is not exactly a theory, rather a thinking style that incorporates many theories developed from a series of other theories among them being feminism, post-structuralism, pragmatism and phenomenologist’s theories (Creswell, 2008). This pluralism of these theories has helped provide the more elaborate non-representational thinking that accounts for the plural disposition. In current times, media and technology have helped improve to the more critical and creative thinking, overcoming the traditional geographically constrained way of thinking that Thrift tries to improve through the inception of the tenets of non-representational theory.

Technology has improved the conduct of media and communication (Alvarado, Gutch, & Wollen, 1987, p. 70). Improvement in the way that information is disseminated to audiences plays a major role in a better understanding of the surrounding, thus the relevance of critical and creative thinking. The major attribute of media is the understanding environments, both local and international. Thrift’s theory of nonrepresentational thinking helps improve thinking, which is crucial to media and journalism advancement. This paper purports to explore the relevance of applying the tools Thrift offers in his nonrepresentational theory, illustrating their relevance in improving to creative and critical thinking in understanding the environment and offering examples of scenarios that the tenets apply in enhancing the role of media and understanding the environment through improved technology.

The study of environment demands projected comprehension through an open-eyed exploration of the spheres of social sciences that are political, economic, social, philosophical, geographical, artistic and scientific aspects (Kołakowski, 1976). Thrift’s tenets offer elaborate teaching of critical evaluation of the aspects of space, time, philosophy and&nbsp.scientific aspects. This platform offers the researcher a strong background before venturing into the media world, giving vast knowledge to better understand the environment and making a credible judgment in conducting their roles as agents of media facilitation.

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