Complete 1 page APA formatted article: Mexico Culture. As a result of this, the woman is obliged to eat only hot substances. The Maya people in Mexico associate the placenta with an infant. they believe the placenta is part of the infant and should be handled carefully(Baird, Christensen, Delsol&Mellin, 2010). It is the father of the infant who buries the placenta in the right place so as to avoid the occurrence of mischief to his newborn baby(Bell & Standish, 2004). The cleaning of the infant in Mexico involves the midwife putting drops into its eyes(Lefeber&Voorhoeve, 1998). After the cleaning, the child is protected against evil spirits by use of charms around its arms and legs. The mother of the child is also protected from the evil spirits by being advised to remain indoors for some days.


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