I need some assistance with these assignment. compare and contrast hippa and psqla federal laws Thank you in advance for the help! To support discussions and reporting of dangerous conditions and adverse events, the act also advocates for confidentiality shielding for Patient Safety Work (HHS, 2012). Similarities between HIPAA and PSQIA Federal Laws Some of the similarities between these two laws are that, firstly, they deal with matters regarding the health care field. Looking deeper into the two acts, they also advocate for patient privacy and safety. The effective compliance date of the Privacy Act of the two laws was 14th April, 2003 and 16th May, 2006, for HIPAA and PSQIA laws respectively (Hiltzik, 2012). Both HIPAA and PSQIA Privacy Rule regulates the disclosure and use of Protected Health Information held by health care clearinghouses, health insurers, employer sponsored health plans and medical service providers, who engage in various transactions. PHI refers to any information held by covered entities that concern the provision of health care, health care status and payment for health care, which can be associated to an individual (HHS, 2012). According to the two health acts, PHI comprises of any element of a person’s health record and payment history. The laws, therefore, urge cover entities to disclose PHI to the person being protected within a month or 30 days upon request (Hiltzik, 2012). The two laws urge PHI to facilitate payment, treatment or health care operations even when lacking a patient’s express written authorization (Clancy, 2008). Also, according to the two laws, any disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI) needs the covered entity to acquire written authorization from the individual for the disclosure. Nevertheless, in case a covered entity reveals Protected Health Information, it should make a logical effort to just the minimum vital information needed to achieve its purpose (HHS, 2012). The Privacy Rule, with regards to the two acts, offers people the right to request that a covered entity to correct any incorrect information. The rule also, according to the two principles, urges covered entities to incorporate reasonable steps in ensuring that confidentiality of their individuals is met with regards to communications (Hiltzik, 2012). For instance, a person can ask to be called from his or her home or cell phones instead of the work number. It is the duty of the covered entity to grant this to the individual. Differences between HIPAA and PSQIA Federal Laws Some of the main differences that could be draw out of the two laws are with regards to their security regulations. The HIPAA Federal Law incorporates administrative, physical and technical safeguards to ensure that their individuals are protected (Clancy, 2008). The PSQIA, on the other hand, incorporates a Patient Safety Organization (PSO), which certifies that the list of requirements, according to the Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality, are met. Patient Safety, with regards to PSQIA Federal Law, includes any reports, data, records, analyses, memoranda or written statements, which can improve patient health care quality, safety and health care outcomes. However, in the HIPAA Federal Law, the security rule compliments the privacy rule such that it incorporates the three types of security safeguards, administrative, physical and technical safeguards (HHS, 2012).


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