Research Paper Topic and Thesis Statement

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You will choose a topic related to criminal investigation and submit the following using the template provided:

  1. Title of research (narrowed an focused title)
  2. Thesis statement (one single sentence)- your thesis statement may be analytical, expository or argumentative.
  3. 2 paragraph review of the literature. 
  4. At least 2 references cited in the text ( in-text citations) and listed at the end (all in current APA).

Please use the template attached – Sources must be no older than 5 years.  Peer-reviewed, Liberty Library sources should be used.


Research Paper Topic Assignment 

Your Name

Title of Research Paper:  (Must be narrowed and specific to criminal investigations)

Thesis Statement  

This should be one single sentence. The thesis statement will come at the end of your introductory paragraph in your final paper. Your thesis statement may be analytical, expository, or argumentative.

Background/ Brief Literature Review of Topic

A minimum of two paragraphs. 

Include in-text citations (APA format). 


Cite a minimum of 2 sources of support in APA format. Include sources no older than 5 years. Peer-reviewed journal articles are preferred. 

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