Choose a creative title for the reflective essay

Write a reflective essay on your academic performance during this school year. The essay includes 5 paragraphs:  introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Please look for the file attachments.  I am 16 years old girl in grade 10. This semester, I have language art, Biology, creative English writing, and PE. Last semester l, I had Algebra 2, world history 2, Art, PE, and religion. The teaching was online only and there were no tests or quizzes. The distribution off the grades were as follows: 25% attendance, 25% participation during class, 25% for assignments and homeworks, 25% for a project. I had in the first semester GPA 3.5out of 4. This semester I had GPA 3.9 for the midterm. I hope I will have as good as GPA for the final.

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