Childrens Television Report

Childrens Television Report:
Watching three 30-minute programs for children during weekday    and/or weekend mornings.   
  Briefly summarize what the programs were about.  Include the title of the programs,  the channels watched, and the time slot in which they were seen.
  Discuss specifically the presence or absence of racism, sexism, negative messages,    violence, and prosocial (positive) behavior. 
  Use specific examples to support your comments.
  Also, be sure to watch the commercials in the time slot (before, during, and after the    program) and comment on their category (junk food, toys, adult, etc.), their value, and  your reaction.
  Evaluate how appropriate these programs and commercials are for children, in  your own opinion.
  This written report should be typed/double-spaced and about 3 full pages to 4 pages in length.

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