Change in a work setting

Compose a scholarly paper, approximately 5 pages in length (including title page and reference page) addressing the following:

Think of a change you have experienced in your work setting (or think of one that interests you) explain how you, as a nurse leader, would use change theory to create successful change. For example, maybe you have experienced a change in how staff is scheduled, or your nurse manager has introduced a new project all staff must participate in. Explain how you would use the steps in Lewins change process to successfully implement the change.
Next, based on your readings and the posted slide presentations, select one component from Lewin’s change process that you would use to motivate your staff to accept the change. For example, Taylor suggests that incentives are necessary to keep employees interested in giving optimal performance. A nurse leader intends to motivate his/her employees to maintain high patient satisfaction survey results. Using Taylors theory, the nurse leader provides benefits such as free meals and coffee cards to employees receiving high satisfaction ratings.
Finally, reflect on the nurse leaders role in leading change. How does effective leadership promote the provision of cost-effective quality care, patient/staff satisfaction, and a safe work environment?
Support your paper with at least three (3) scholarly sources.


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