I will pay for the following article Business Plan for Eagle Group Restaurant. The work is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The reason for picking this line of business was due to the nature of the service sector in returning profits on investment. However, the investment has to undergo intense planning in order to ensure that the factors that guided the operations and running of the restaurant will ensure returns on investment. The main reason for picking the Montclair region is due to the availability of a facility that the owner of the business inherited from their father. In effect, this facility shoulders some of the burdens that come with leasing property to conduct business. This new company will be unique from any other restaurant in the area chosen to establish a restaurant. The idea to start the idea was born when the facility to establish the restaurant was offered to the owner by his father who operated a restaurant in the same location. Tentatively named, Eagle Group Restaurant, the restaurant will serve a dual service role in that it aims at providing families dining services as well as provide these families with an experience of intimacy. To achieve this, the restaurant will offer customers a diverse menu that will come along with portions that were generous at reasonable prices while adopting a Texan Midwestern theme. In order to recreate this theme, the restaurant will provide the dining area with a smaller unique menu that will continuously be changing depending on the season in time. The decor of the restaurant will include beige colors, tubing made of black metal, and a fountain garden styling with the walls constructed of bricks. In order to ensure that the decor remained unique in nature, the restaurant will feature an entertainment platform that focused on live cooking for a section of the clientele. Mission Statement The mission of the company will be to aim at exceeding the expectations of a customer by providing the appropriate ambience for the perception of all their senses. In order to achieve this mission, the restaurant will ensure that the atmosphere was pleasing to their senses of touch, smell, sight, hearing, and tasting by being provided with an exciting environment that was creative in nature. In addition, the restaurant will train its employees and equip them with the exceptional skills for customer service that will ensure that they made decisions based on business philosophies. Market Research Montclair, New Jersey has recently witnessed an influx of restaurants with many of these restaurants being franchise operations such as the Acappello (Acappello). However, the industry appears to be stable, which indicates that there is room for growth in the future with the economy of the area set to be maintained&nbsp.since the area is a suburb whose median income is estimated to be about $140,000 (“Tony NYC”).&nbsp.The restaurant will develop a promotion strategy modeled towards the theme of the restaurant is offering a cool ambience and relaxing environment.&nbsp.This strategy will be promoted to potential customers through the radio, newspaper advertisement, poster, and using the yellow pages of the city.&nbsp.


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