I need some assistance with these assignment. biosimilar Thank you in advance for the help! Although it is the hope that their introduction may lower the cost of such expensive medicinal products, there have been concerns over the introduction and manufacturing considerations, immunogenicity, degree of similarity of these complex drugs, and regulatory approaches to biosimilars around the world. In addition, of concern are arguments and techniques employed by pharmaceutical companies to advance or discredit biosimilars, as well as issues with post-marketing surveillance programs and their limitations. The issues associated with introduction of biosimilar medicines across a range of pharmacological indications are controversial, as well as differences between biopharmaceutical products not subjected to regulatory approval and regulatory approved medicines. There are rapid changes in licensing of biosimilars and regulatory approval. Non-transparent promotion of biosimilar products gives clinicians a need to be wary. Hopefully, widespread availability of biopharmaceutical products will be provided by biosimilar medicines (Roger, 2010).

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