Big Data

Now that you have a basic understanding of Intellectual Property concepts and learned more about copyright and patents in particular, let’s explore how it applies to data and databases. In this assignment, follow these steps:

1. Search the Internet for an article, infograph, or video about Intellectual Property issues with respect to data, data structures, or databases. Make sure it addresses both subjects. I’m not looking for articles that just address IP (such as patent troll cases) or that just address data (such as Big Data). The article must relate the two concepts.
2. Write a commentary about that source that includes the following:
The title, author (if any), date, and hyper link for that sources.
A summary of the source.
Bring something of your own to the assignment. Sample discussion questions could be “What are your impressions?” “How might it affect your life?” “How does it relate to another topic that you’ve studied?” or something else. Show me some critical thinking here.
3. Submit that commentary for this assignment. This is a 2-point assignment. This cannot be a one paragraph statement. The submission should show some critical correlation between IP and data and you would need to comment on the source referred.

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