behavior modification

ssays should be typed, double-spaced and a maximum of 3 pages each.

Discuss which learning principles may be used (or applied) to increase adaptive, effective and/or desirable behaviors that are currently deficits in a persons functioning.  Note that behaviors may include (a) physiological responses (for example, physiological responses that happen when someone is in fight-or-flight response); (b) cognitive responses (such as a persons thoughts or self-statements); and, overt, observable behaviors.

What might be the reason(s) for the behavioral deficits? What could you (as the behavior therapist) recommend/do to increase those deficits?

Refer to at least four (4) of the topic presentations as examples to illustrate your points.

presentations were specific phobias,  aerophobia,  trichotillomania, depression, anxiety, eating disorders,  CBT, borderline personality disorder

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