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Server-side Database, Dynamic 

Control Creation and Cross- 

Page Postback 

Download these file and the 2 images:

https://files.fm/u/kbmmnnnx#/Description: Untitled:Users:mac:Desktop:Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 3.25.52 AM.png

This assignment requires a database lookup on a server, population of a web page by building controls dynamically, object serialization and cross-page postback. 

* Read chapter 8 – “State Management” through View State 

* Create a simple database using Microsoft Access consisting of the following: 

o Customer table 

§ Customer number 

§ Name 

§ Street 

§ City 

§ State 

§ Zip 

o InvoiceLineItem Table 

§ Customer number 

§ Order number 

§ Invoice sequence number 

§ Item SKU 

§ Item description 

§ Quantity ordered 

§ Unit price 

§ Unit weight 

* Enter some sample data into the database 

* Write an ASP.NET web application that will query the database using OLEDB technology (see example code under Files.) 

*Create an InvoiceLineItem class that will store the line item data, and a method that will return the shipping cost based on weight (make up a rate and make it a constant.) 

*Create an array to store your collection of LineItem objects 

* Serialize the array in a view state so that it can be returned on postback 

* Create a second page, and pass the array under cross-page postback 

* Create table, row and cell objects dynamically in the second page and populate the table from the array of objects

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