From the syllabus: Use scholarly sources (peer-reviewed journal articles), textbooks, class materials, and the American Psychological Association 7th edition format (APA 7) to conduct research regarding your cultural group.
(I attached a document with information for the event I attended)

Begin this paper by briefly summarizing your experiences from Phase I, making sure to include any preconceived ideas you had about the group before actively engaging them.

Next, provide background information regarding the cultural group using the scholarly sources you searched.

Briefly, compare and contrast that information with information you gathered from the interview of your cultural guide and from attendance at the two gatherings.

Briefly compare and contrast what you have learned about key values and behaviors of the cultural group with what you learned during socialization in your own cultural group.

What are some issues this group might experience that might require social work intervention? Use scholarly sources, your interview, the experience, to explain potential issues from micro, mezzo, and macro perspectives.

What therapeutic approaches would be appropriate to address the issues you discussed (include indigenous methods of healing). Explain micro, mezzo, and macro interventions
What are the ethical and legal issues inherent in working with a client from this group? Use scholarly sources, interview, and the experience to discuss ethical and legal issues.

Discuss some ways that social workers can deal with their internal dialogue (e.g., personal biases, cognitive dissonance) about clients from the cultural group you’ve engaged. Use information from the scholarly sources you reviewed to support this discussion. Identify ways that you, personally, will cope with your internal dialogue about clients from this group. Have your biases shifted? If not, discuss how you intend to manage your biases to minimize the likelihood of marginalizing clients from this cultural group. 

What did you learn from the experience that will help you work with this group in the future? What did you learn from this experience that you would help you work with other diverse groups in the future? What will you do to prepare yourself to work with clients from this and other diverse groups?

Students are allotted 8-10 pages for this paper, not including references, title page, or appendices.

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