Answer the following questions below and address them thoroughly in a few paragraphs

 Original Discussion Response (Main Post) 

Listen to the story below

 Original Discussion Response (Main Post)

Experts have found that those who possess GRIT are more likely to stick it out, fight through the storms, and reach their goals. Psychologist Angela Duckworth defines GRIT as having both the passion and perseverance for long-term goals. She explains that GRIT is sticking to your goal, even when it feels like you arent making progress and you get frustrated.

 Answer the following: 

  • What advice would you give Carlos concerning his opportunity to both use and grow his GRIT?
  • What advice, tips, and techniques (from your own personal experience and the textbook) do you suggest for Carlos that will help him deal with his doubts about college and his motivation levels?
  • How should Carlos approach the C he earned?
  • Do you share any of Carlos’ concerns/challenges at the point? Do you have any additional concerns or challenges? 

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