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Part 2/(25 points each=100) and answer in AT LEAST 10 sentences for EACH QUESTION.  Please answer the question showing that you understand the story (without a doubt!) and the question being asked. Prove to me that you read the stories!

a)    In the Al Jazeera stories, all of them have at least one thing in common. What is that thing they have in common? How do the stories make you feel and why?
b)  What do these little interjections do in My Homeland? What type of literary devices do these employ?
“Theyre safe here. Therefore they should be happy!”
c)  How do point of view and structure contribute to the theme in My Homeland?
d)  In Shooting an Elephant, Orwell must choose between allegiance to self and allegiance to authority. Which does the narrator end up choosing and why?
(Al Jazeera

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