Anonymity is one of the key characteristics of cyber communication. Is anonymity an advantage or disadvantage when it comes to forming and maintaining online relationships? Justify your stance.Different forms of cyber communication might help facilitate different types of relational maintenance. Identify the 3 forms of digital communication that you most frequently employ to maintain your closest relationships, and the 3 forms of digital communication that you frequently use to maintain your weak ties and acquaintance relationships. Explain your reasoning for why each is effective within your noted relational context.This week, you read diverse materials regarding online relationship formation and maintenance. Identify: 1) the most important take-away point that you gleaned from the readings, and 2) the “muddiest point” from the readings, meaning the point or concept that that is still the most unclear or difficult to comprehend after completing the readings. In your response posts, attempt to help clarify each other’s “muddy points.

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