The type of articles that you will need to find is research articles located in scholarly journals. Scholarly journal articles are also referred as primary source peer reviewed articles. What cannot be used for this assignment are Web pages, magazines, newspapers, text books, and other books. Finally, current research for our purposes is an article that was published within the last 5 to 6 years.Remember this is a course on sensation and perception so when looking for articles make sure that it is related to the subject matter covered in the course. For your research choose the first topic area (major theories) as well as 1 other area. Find 3 articles (as described above) for each area of the two areas (6 articles total for the bibliography).The major theories associated with perceptionCritical features of biology and physiology regarding sensation and perceptionArticulate the connection between biology, physiology, and the environmentProcesses associated with the perception of color, brightness, and contrastProcesses involved with perceiving objects, forms, depth, size, movement, and eventsCritical elements involved with sound, localization, speech, and pitch perceptionCutaneous and chemical sensations in the process of perceptionThe influence of environmental context (e.g., geography) on perceptionThe annotated bibliography should include for each article.Write a 1-2 paragraph summary for each article.Write a 1–2-paragraph analysis and evaluation for each article found.Make sure to integrate what you learned in your course readings in that analysisUse correct spelling, grammar, and professional vocabulary.Use APA format including:Title pageDouble spaceReference pageCite and reference all sources using the APA format.Using APA format, cite sources appropriately throughout your assignment, and reference on a separate page.

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