I need some assistance with these assignment. analysis of the play the oxcart Thank you in advance for the help! The grass is greener on the other side of the fence. The father of Luis mortgaged a land which they were unable to get back, and this gave them a thought to not to live in the useless place ( Marques 1969) They could not get what they were expecting from the city and caught the evils of the rural living style due to the innocence. The economic conditions are the main motive behind the migration to the rural areas and the rural areas have been developed by dint of the industrialization. The family values and the conservative culture have also seen to be affected by the migration for the ‘so-called’ prosperity which has evils exceeding the benefits in this case. Role of Migration The migration has played the lead role. Migration is the change of place of living. Migration is associated with many opportunities and a solution to many problems which can not be solved due to specific conditions related to any area. The oxcart, which is leaving the family to someplace, has been the main symbol of the migration (Marques). The family, which is the center of gravity in this play, belongs to the village. Gabriela has a view that her husband died because he was born under the wrong star, and his fate was destroyed as he was not successful in cropping coffee and sugar cane (Marques P.13, 1969). The Villages have the conservative environment and is not affected by the never-ending lust for money and prosperity as in the cities, where the economic desires of the person or group stimulate and stimulates. Migration is sometimes useful but the net effect of the migration is necessary to understand and money cannot compensate for any personal happiness caused due to the specific lifestyle. Urban and rural culture The positive image has been cast on the canvas of this play and the rural life has been portrayed positively. The conservative approach has been provided and the source of tragedy is narrowed down to the lifestyle of the city. The family pride view of her thoughts is shown by the saying of Gabriela when she says the young people don’t get married according to the law of God (Marques P.17) Characters are seemed to be disturbed by this migration and especially Juanita seems to be most disturbed and become a victim of immoral practices. The goods and evils never relate to any specific area but they vary from place to place (Marques), and personal capacities for the morality may also depend on the culture. The condition of Juanita shows the loss of control of life and the blank point where the indoctrinated belief does not matter. Economic Factors Due to a failure in the mortgage payments the family loses it farm where they used to produce the resources for their livelihood.

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