Academic Research and Personal Research

Academic Research
Academic research begins in an academic library. Although our first instinct may be to Google for answers, we must differentiate between how we find answers to everyday problems and how we conduct research for an academic topic.
share your experiences with personal research and how the academic research process differs.
    Think about the research you have done for a major purchase, life decision, or personal problem.
    Describe the process you used to find the information you needed.
    Now think about the academic research you will conduct in this course.
    Describe the process you will use to find the information you need.
    How will this process be different than research for personal problems?
    How do you decide what information to trust when doing this type of research?
    What recommendations do you have for your classmates?
In your follow up posts, respond to a minimum of two other students and provide constructive feedback on their topics. Have you had a similar personal research experience? Did your classmate make a clear distinction between personal and academic research? What recommendations do you have for your classmate in addition to what they described for conducting academic research?

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