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Discuss the following questions. Explain your rationale behind your answers. A one/two sentence answer will not be enough of a response.
1. Many compensation professionals are faced with making choices about which discretionary benefits to drop because funds are limited, and the costs of these benefits continually increase.
Answer the following questions and explain your rationale.
a. What benefits would you most likely eliminate?
b. What would you least likely eliminate?
c. What if you could only afford to offer one benefit, which would you select?
2. What are your beliefs about whether discretionary employee benefits should be an entitlement, or something earned based on job performance? Explain your answer.
3. Are employees more likely to favor defined contribution plans over defined benefit plans? How about employers? Explain your answers.
4. Identify at least one discretionary benefit practice that would help companies to have better control over absenteeism. Explain your rationale.


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