Chasing the Scream referred to research that found the majority of “drug-related violence” is related to trying to control the drug trade rather than crimes committed by those under the influence. It later states that when a large number of drug dealers are arrested, drug dealing does not decrease and violence, such as homicide, increases. (Hari, 2015, p. 80)1. What did you believe was meant by “drug-related violence” before reading this?2. Do you think the information from the reading, if it were better known, would change some stereotypes about people who misuse substances?ReferencesHari, J. (2015).  Chasing the scream: The first and last days of the war on drugs. Bloomsbury.Response ParametersInitial posts should be 250 words in lengthUsing APA format, please cite and reference the text and include at least one peer-reviewed article to support your post

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